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Why Trace Your Ancestors?

"I wanted to know more about who they are and how they lived. I want to record their lives as "real" people, and not write them down as just a bunch of names on papers and charts. Finding out who they were and how they lived honours them and helps me to understand myself a little better, too."

Skeletons in cupboards

Occasionally in the course of researching family history, you might discover some "skeletons in the cupboard" such as abandoned families, illegitimate children or children living in workhouses.
Indeed in my own family, I discovered my great grandfather and great-great uncle had criminal records and both served 2 years hard labour, having committed "Larceny to the value of 5". I understand that Australians enjoy finding a convict in their tree.
Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with "a skeleton" , but for me it adds colour to the family history.

Andrew Wilkinson

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