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Terms and Conditions

Requesting Research

Recover Your Roots can provide a free 30 minute preliminary assessment by telephone without obligation. This assessment will estimate the duration and cost of the work. Face to face assessments are also available but will incur a cost for travel expenses. Recover Your Roots will advise you about when work can commence upon your research.

A proposed research scheme and a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent to you for your agreement and signature prior to commencement of research.

The final amount will be agreed between us and will depend upon the scope and extent of the commission.

After one month, a progress review of the research will be made and Recover Your Roots may suggest other potential areas of research. Any further work beyond the scope of the original quotation will be agreed between us in writing prior to commencement

In order to keep costs to a minimum, you (the client) agree to share details of any previous research with Recover Your Roots prior to any research commencing, even if no information was found in the sources used, as failure to do so may result in additional costs. If it becomes apparent during the research that Recover Your Roots are revisiting sources previously searched by the client, the client will still be charged at the current hourly rate for the number of hours research undertaken by Recover Your Roots.

Any quotations produced by Recover Your Roots are valid for one calendar month. If no research is commissioned during this period, a further request must be made for a research project.

Recover Your Roots reserves the right to cancel any commission if it becomes apparent that the client is conducting research into the commissioned project/search. The client will be charged for the number of hours researched by Recover Your Roots and your project will be closed.

Recover Your Roots reserves the right to refuse to undertake any commission.

Research Findings

Sometimes research uncovers information which might upset the client. Although results of a delicate nature will be presented in a sympathetic manner, Recover Your Roots is not responsible for the type of information contained within the sources used.

Recover Your Roots cannot guarantee that any information will be found about your ancestor. Recover Your Roots is not responsible for the lack of availability of any resources.

Recover Your Roots is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office No ZA199424 https://ico.org.uk.

Thomas Wilkinson


Recover Your Roots hourly rate is 30.00 per hour, plus expenses.
All payments must be made in Pounds Sterling. There is a minimum charge of 120, equivalent to 4 hours work. All quotations of 180.00 or less are to be paid for in full before work commences. For quotations of 180.00 or more a deposit of 50% must be paid before any research can commence. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full before any research results are forwarded to you.

Payments may be made by cheque, bank transfer or via PayPal. Cheque payments must be cleared into the bank account before any research will be undertaken.

Account details will be provided for clients wishing to pay by Bank Transfer.


Recover Your Roots endeavours to keep expenses to a minimum, but some expenses are inevitable. Below are some examples of types of expense which can be incurred:

  • Certificates of birth, marriage and death, currently costing 11.00 from the General Register Office, although costs from the Local Register Offices can differ. PDF versions of birth and death certificates are cheaper, 7.00, and unless full certificates are required, will be used for research purposes.
  • Copies of wills are charged by the cost of copy.
  • Parish register copies of baptism, marriage, burial records are charged by the cost of copy.
  • Stationery, postage, storage folders and similar are charged at cost.
  • Any specialist printing costs of high quality, large scale family trees, to be agreed before going to print.
  • Travel costs to Records Offices and Archives, and family locations such as former homes and cemeteries are charged at 45p per mile when vehicle is used, or at public transport rate when that is a viable option.

This list is not exhaustive.

A suggested budget for expenses will be agreed in advance, and all expenses will be accounted for.

Contact Me

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